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oh this gave me the FEELS- good job, it was lovely!!


I love the secret ending

and the game in general. It's amazing


I like your style of drawing :) 

This game has a deep meaning, but the words are easy to understand. ♥


Very cute and adorable game! 

But, could you put it in Portuguese please, Averageavacado? 

Thank you! Good success in your game! 


Beautiful. Such a warm, soft atmosphere. The detail of having only certain things in colour was clever.



This game is amazing and fascinated me. I would like to ask permission to translate to portuguese. Would you authorize?



Yeah, go ahead! Be sure to link it in this comments section when you’re done too!


Thank you! I'll do it!

Success to you,


i'm not able to play it i downloaded the font now what do i do?


okay got it



The characters look like steven and connie.




I LOVE the symbolism, art, and story-line that this game has. It was so,so,so amazing. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS ART! <3


Really loved this :) 


this one was adorable~! good job <3


such a nice game:)
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this was super lovely. <3 got the secret ending on my first go around.


it's okay, even though I'm sad to miss out in so many wonderful games on here.

Will try to find a converter, as you said :)


5/5, would get stuck in a stellar, melancholy mix-tape again.

This is fantastic.  I really love it--very A Night In The Woods.  The original art is stunning and the soundtrack is nice.  Your use of color is moving. 

One minor fix: when it runs in a window (not full-screen), several of your text is getting cut off on the right side.  You just have to hit enter in the middle of the sentence to fix it. 

Thank you! Have you installed the font included in the .zip file? That might be the reason the text is running off the screen.

Oh, I bet you're right.  My mistake.  I thought it auto-installed, but I see it now.

this game doesn't seem to be working for Mac 

Yeah, I don't get how you play this either?? .exe files doesn't work on a mac :(

Oh, I must’ve made a mistake! It was supposed to say it was only playable on Windows. I’ll go fix that. You can get a .exe converter for mac online if you still want to play the game! I’m sure there are some out there that will work. Sorry about that. 

i can't seem to figure out where i click to play? sorry im a noob

Can you be more specific? Are you just trying to figure out how to download the game?


Love this game so much, it's so well-written and good humoured. Reminds me of growing up in my small hometown, and you start seeing the same old stuff every day. Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective on things from a new face!

Your storytelling style is so good, keep up the great work! =)


I loved your video! You have a great sense of humor. I'm really happy that you could relate to it as well, I was hoping it could be something that reminded people of their overly pretentious teenage selves. Looking forward to seeing part 2!


Wow, the story just got deeper and deeper! Amazingly well done, I was really moved. Seeing two characters develop so much over such a short time was pretty spectacular, and I felt really close to them even though I only spent an hour with them.

You've got a real talent, and I really look forward to seeing what you come up with next! All the best for 2018! =)


Lovely piece of work! I got ending two. 

It's a nice piece to reflect on, without a doubt. There's somethign about coming of age stories that never fail to hit the mark, no matter what age we may be.

Well done!



Hi. My name is Mel. I was wondering if I could translate your game into Spanish. If it doesn't bother you, of course. :D

Sadly, I don't know that much Spanish at all. However, if someone else is willing to translate it, that would be really awesome.

Well, that's fine. I really wanted to be able to translate this game myself, because it's a great game. 

Oh, I apologize! I misread your comment, I thought that you wanted ME to translate it. That would be amazing if you translated 1998.

Oh, I understand. So, thank you for giving me permission! 

Hi, thanks for making this fun game. Although Audrey sort of irritated me at first, I did end up liking her in the end. Plus, I live in New York, so I'm glad it was mentioned. I also liked the use of colors ( but don't take any of what I say too seriously).

One problem though...

(Sort of) SPOILERS

How do you get the third ending? I got 5 scrapbook pages and have no idea what to do with them. I saw from the other comment the dialogue has to be like for ending 2, but I'm stuck. Please help.

There's one more scrapbook page you need to get! Here's a hint... they tend to appear in locations where important cutscenes take place.

I finally found it! (It took me forever to find the one in the park.) It's an adorable ending for an adorable game (and I always wondered what he had to say about his "girlfriend" from before).

Awesome little story about personal growth and friendship :)

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I just watched your video! Thank you so much, it was hilarious and had great insights. If you want to replay and get the secret ending, I would suggest installing the font included in the .zip file so the font doesn't go off the screen. I’m so excited that you took the time to do a playthrough. Thanks so much!!

I really liked the concept of game, the graphic and the music!
Playing multiple times cause I still didn't figure out how to unlock 3rd ending D:

Looking forward to your next creation :)

Thank you so much! Here’s a hint on that ending- try clicking on things in the game. There’s some hidden stuff! Be sure to choose the dialogue options that would get you the second ending, too.